Harmonica Lessons

Wish you could play the world’s most popular instrument? Looking to improve your lung power and breath control? Bryn Scott-Grimes Harmonica School offers private and group harmonica instruction in downtown Toronto and via Skype. Call or Text 416-878-7735 to set up a trial lesson today. Whatever style of music you’re interested in learning–blues, jazz, Celtic, classical, folk, rock, pop, roots, Hip Hop–Bryn can help you get there.

1. A huge variety of harmonica techniques: Bending, Tongue-Blocking, Tongue-Slapping, Overblows, Overdraws, Tongue-Vamping, Chords, Glissandos, Scales, Octaves, Hand-Wahs and more
2. Songs
3. Pairing harmonicas of different keys
4. Improvising
5. Beat-Box harmonica playing
7. Who to listen to
8. What equipment to use
9. How to customize your harmonica
10. Which harmonicas to use in which musical settings
11. Essential music theory for being a solid harmonica player

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Bryn is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and teacher. He performs his hearty and quirky harmonica originals with vigor and precision all over Toronto. Dubbed “A Templar Knight of a Harmonica Player” in York University’s Excalibur, Bryn was once handed a crisp $50 bill at the Taos Inn by an audience member who said she had never liked harmonica before she heard him play. Some of the locations where Bryn has performed: The Sound Academy, The Mod Club, Hugh’s Room, The Lower Ossington Theater, Gastro’s Pub, Relish Bar and Grill, Free Times Café, Grossman’s Tavern,The Delta Chelsea Monarch Pub, The Black Swan, Super Market, The Boathouse, The Taos Inn, The Tranzac, The Royal Canadian Legion Pub, Sunnybrook Hospital, KCI’s Earthfest, Casey Sokol’s bi-weekly improvisation soirees at York University, The Martin Family Lounge, and at the corner of Queen and John for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche.

Bryn has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in music from York University and has studied diatonic harmonica with world renowned Howard Levy, improvisation and musicianship with Casey Sokol and Brian Katz, jazz guitar with Andrew Scott and Sunil Pal, and Celtic music with Sherry Johnson.