Hi 🙂

I am a dental hygiene student looking for clients who want their teeth cleaned at a college dental clinic. I know the photo in the ad is not ideal but it is to help you understand the kind of client I am looking for; someone with heavy build up.

Has it been over 10 years since you seen a dentist? Have you been avoiding going to the dentist because of how expensive it is? Do you have heavy build up on your teeth just like the picture on this ad? Do you have at least 20 teeth?

You must be able to attend multiple appointments. Each appointment is 2 hours.

Anyone who is interested must come in for a dental screening, first.

If you meet the requirements, you will be reimbursed for the low-cost fees at the last appointment. All dental cleanings are supervised by experienced registered dental hygienists and dentists.

Serious applicants only. Please email me if you are interested or have questions regarding the teeth cleaning.

Thank you!